The Gospel

Below is the greatest story ever told. It has been changing people’s lives for centuries. No matter where you are at, whether you feel so hurt that you couldn’t forgive, be skeptical of anything religious, or think you don’t measure up; this story is for you.

Creation |

(Gen 1-2)
This story starts with its main character. God. You may have heard people call Him Father. That is because he relates to us as our Father, but he is also wonderous, and holy, and the creator of all things. So, in the beginning, God, holy and perfect, created the heavens and the earth to be good and used for His glory. All of creation was meant to reflect His divine intent for it. Mankind (males and females) was created with equality and freedom to show off who God is as well as reproduce those who would reflect their creator. They were also given the authority to reign under the rule of God on Planet Earth. But most of all, they were born with a relationship with the God of the universe.

Fall |

(Gen 3, Rom 5)
Man and woman were given a central place in God’s creation to be caretakers and rulers as co-equal partners with different functions on earth. Although, (this is where it goes wrong) man rebelled against God. Adam put aside the truth of God and replaced it with his own, and through him sin entered the world. The relationship that Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, had with God was severed. Plus due to this, the Lord God who is just and righteous had to bring judgment upon their rebellion, He announced the corruption that followed their disobedience to His word. They were sent away from the perfect presence of God and went on living under the rule of sin in their lives, in need of saving. Just as we are today. Although the story doesn’t end here, for their fall and the fall of creation through them was left with a promise of redemption. Redemption that would come through the seed of the woman at some future time.


Redemption |

(John 1:1-18, 1 Cor 15:1-4, 2 Cor 5:18-21; Eph 1:1-14)

Humanity, living in sin is unable to be in relationship with God, the very creator, and giver of life. So God the Father, even though we had rebelled against him, out of his great love sent Jesus Christ the 2nd person of the Godhead to die on the cross for our sins. Because of Adam’s sin, we were supposed to spend eternity separated from God in Hell under His wrath paying for our sins. Instead, Jesus Christ was sent by God to die for our sins having God’s wrath poured out on Him on the cross in our place. Remember, God is just, and so there must be a payment for sin, all the sins we have ever committed. If there wasn’t God would no longer be just, and therefore he would no longer be good. This is why Jesus died in our place. Now if any of us repent of our sin and trust by faith that His finished work on the cross and His resurrection from the dead as the payment for our sin, we are saved. By Jesus’ death for us, the relationship lost through Adam will be restored through repentance and belief in Jesus Christ as the substitution for our sin. Jesus died in your place, he paid the debt you owed. Based not on your merit, or your abilities, your character or your works, but based on the works of Christ upon the cross and God’s grace in saving us.



Glorification |

(Revelation 19-22)
Now, we await the day when Jesus Christ our King, Lord, and Saviour will return. When He does He will judge those who have not placed their faith in Him and reward those who have placed their faith in Him with eternal life. Those who know Him as Lord and Saviour will spend eternity with Him in an unbreakable relationship because of His sacrifice for their sins. Therefore, whereas the 1st Adam failed, the 2nd and last Adam Jesus Christ is the eternal victor, in him, our story is defined, and in Him, we find hope, peace, and comfort.

Want to Know More?

We believe this story can truly change your life, as you come to know God in a greater way, we find a relationship that always satisfies, and freedom that grips our hearts. You might like to start by reading the Bible passages given above. If you don’t have a Bible, then we would love if you joined us on a Sunday so we can get to know you and we also have a Bible we would love to give you.

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