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Gospel Communities

As a church, we don’t just gather on a Sunday, but we gather in homes around Adelaide during the week. These are times where we read the word together, pray with one-another, support the needs of those in our world, be on mission and live alongside the family of God.

These exist for the purpose of discipleship, as we love each other and grow in our faith as a family.

All of these gospel communities are multi-generational. That means that we aim to have a spread of generations, as families with young children, share meals and serve others along with everyone from teenagers and young adults, to spiritual grandparents.

What to expect in a Gospel Community…

It is our aim, that every member of GospelLife Adelaide, are a part of a Multi-generational Gospel Community where they are discipled to fall more in love with God and follow Christ. Our Gospel Communities are built around 5 key aspects:

The Word

As we read through the Bible together as a Church throughout the year, we utilise Gospel Communities as an opportunity to gather and discuss the Word as it changes our lives. Practically speaking, this means that each group is centred on reading the word together.


Through prayer, we rely on God for all our needs. Together we lift one another up in prayer on a daily basis and as we gather in homes. This includes sharing our needs spiritually as well as our testimonies of God’s goodness. We pray together and believe for God to provide, protect and sustain.

Commitment to One-another

As members of the body of Christ, we are deeply committed to each other, this is evident in the love that we have for those in our Church. We share one another’s practical needs, living generously to ensure that no one is without. We support each other in every season and seek to do life as a family.

Spiritual Gifts

Within our groups, it provides another space for every member to use their gifts for God’s glory and to build up the other members. Our encouragement is that our groups are a place for everyone to grow and develop their God-given gifts.

Family on Mission

As the body of Christ, we are always on mission. Each of our Gospel Communities have a missional task that they are working towards. Some may raise money for a missions cause or others may find things to do in their local community. We pray for and regularly share testimonies with one-another about opportunities they have had to share the gospel.

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